Scales of Justice Seeking an adult or minor guardianship may be necessary in a variety of circumstances.  Our office has experience representing both individuals petitioning for guardianship (who, if successful, become Guardians) and individuals under guardianship (referred to as “wards”).  In addition, both Gayle and Amanda regularly serve as Guardian ad Litems (GALs) for several probate courts in Washington and Kent County.

Before a Guardianship Petition is granted, the petitioner must demonstrate that there is no lesser restrictive alternative to guardianship available.  Because Gayle and Amanda are intimately familiar with developmental disabilities, they will work with clients to explore all available alternatives before pursuing guardianship which subtracts rights from the individual and involves a public hearing.  The Rhode Island Disability Law Center offers a wonderful pamphlet on Guardianship in Rhode Island and Alternatives thereto.

For parents or families with special needs individuals, Gayle and Amanda are happy to meet and discuss possible alternatives to Guardianship including Health Care and Property Powers of Attorney.